Easy Step-By-Step Guitar Courses For Beginners, Improvers,  Advanced Level Guitar

Choose any of the Easy Step-By-Step Guitar Courses  on offer at Guitar Lessons Dundrum and learn to play the music and songs you like best on acoustic or electric guitar. Beginners can expect to play melodies, chords and songs after just 4 guitar lessons!

Learn guitar techniques and tips that will enable you to play pop, rock, blues, country, jazz, classical, country, folk or  any genre of guitar playing that interests you.

Lessons Cost €25 for 1/2 hour private tuition 

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Romanza played by John Murphy

Guitar Course Descriptions

Beginners/Level 1
This course is designed to give the complete beginner a solid foundation in guitar basics in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.
You will learn about the following:
playing popular songs; easy way to learn the guitar fretboard-naming notes; major scale pattern; easy chord keys for famous songs;
relating melodies to C major scale; lead guitar
chord boxes & tab explained;
rhythm accompanyment-bossa, bass strum, arpeggios;

flat-picking bass runs to link chords;
famous riffs, tips, techniques and
exercises to improve melody/chord playing.

Lesson material will include songs by The Beatles, U2, Norah Jones, R.E.M., Bob Dylan, Verve, Snow Patrol, Green Day, Eric Clapton, Oasis, Shania Twain and other contemporary artists.

 Improvers/Level 2
This course is designed for the student who has completed Level 1 or who has equivalent experience playing the guitar. The course covers:
barre chords, mixing melody & chords, flat-picking,
finger-style arpeggios, exercises, single note runs,

Intros & outros, swing rhythm, power chords, sus chords
lead guitar solos, blues/major, minor pentatonic scales explained; more rhythms, folk and country fills.
Music theory and guitar terminology explained, plus plenty of tips on technique to keep your fingers happy.

Lesson material will include songs/riffs by Thin Lizzy, the Chilli Peppers, David Bowie, Neil Diamond, The Mavericks, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Arctic Monkees, Led Zeppelin, David Gray, Donovan as well as country/folk/blues and contemporary songwriters.
Customized Individual Lessons
Individual lessons cover all of the topics outlined in the above courses but the classes can be structured to include learning your favourite songs. 

Learn to choose the right guitar key for your voice range.  Lessons can include  improvisation , lead guitar soloing,  developing your rhythm playing, understanding chord progressions and the importance of the cycle of 5ths in song structure and any other aspect of guitar playing you wish to explore.

Classical Guitar Lessons
You can take an introductory classical guitar course that doesn't involve reading music or learning music theory but that develops your finger-style skills on the guitar with interesting classical solo guitar pieces using notes and tab.

The lessons will include arrangements of popular tunes like 'Stairway To Heaven', 'Yesterday', 'The Godfather' and are guaranteed to advance your playing technique on solo guitar.
You can also study for the Trinity College London Guildhall classical guitar exams grades 1 - 8. For more information on doing guitar exams for transition year and Junior & Leaving Cert  Click Exams
Bass Guitar Lessons
Many young rock star wannabies are assigned bass guitar duties in the group on the assumption that it's easy. And bass is easy-easy and boring if you think it's enough to just hit a root note(what's that?) every now and again.

If you want to get the best enjoyment out of playing bass you need to study chord structure, keys, timing, scales, fretboard, improvising, different genres and styles of bass guitar . The bass guitar lessons incorporate examples of all of these requisite skills that make you a musician playing great bass guitar.

The Spanish Guitar  aka The Classical Guitar

Music is their  common language.

classical guitar